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Just for donught
KimmyDate: Saturday, 2010-12-04, 6:29 AM | Message # 1
Group: Senior Members
Messages: 103
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Status: :-(
Fucking Hello, Kimmy Chan.

Your fucking reproofs level has been fucking [+]increased.

Level was changed by: Fucking Donught
Date of modification: Friday, 2010-12-03, 3:49 PM
Activity is blocked till: Friday, 2010-12-03, 3:49 PM
Reason: Arguing with the website Staffucker, and caling them "Lemods".

Fucking regards.


You give me reproof because that fucking reason? Before post, you're tell "in OFF TOPIC you can do fucking anything..", what ever Im arguing, or fucking others. You dont know what means of Lemods, and you give me reproof its really really mother fucker.
Kid. Why Animorph give you moderator status? Because you're a big boy and you whine to him? Because you can ride fucking pinata BMX? Because everyday you contact Animorph with Skype? People can do that!
Come on kid, give me fucking reproof again and I can gone coz I Blocked. So you can arbitrarily move fucking topic, delete shit topic, and give fucking reproof to people.
Im so wondering, why you comply the hat mod kid with mental problems.
Correct your real life first, and take care of your school kid!


Quote (13053121k0)
yes, arguing wont help.

Ha?????? 2 times people not help me in here!

One more, in future if this website staff work without real rules, you are dead guys.

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uCause Community » Trash & Archives » Trash » Just for donught
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