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AloyashaDate: Wednesday, 2010-09-01, 3:29 AM | Message # 1
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Mugen is game game where you can get random characters and stages and a custom layout for it and fight basically it a 2D fighting game where you Can fight as Peter Griffin(Family Guy) VS Homer(The Simpsons) And choose a stage Like Call Of Duty Stage and fight ALSO you can set your own lifebars (the bars that hold your life) Just search it and you will learn more about for any questions about mugen ask me or search youtube.com That's It. and there's plenty of ucoz site's of mugen:

Example: dushido-mugen.ucoz.com

Enjoy OH AND SORRY FOR ADVERTISING. another ucoz site.

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uCause Community » Trash & Archives » Trash » M.U.G.E.N
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