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uCause Groups
AnimorphDate: Tuesday, 2010-08-31, 3:17 PM | Message # 1
uCause forum Admin
Group: Developer
Messages: 2835
Awards: 73
Status: :-(
uCause has New Groups

- Administrator (runs everything)
- Co-Administrator (runs "almost" everything)
- Head Mod (Moderates forum Completly and Watches over Mods)
- Moderator (Only Moderates Boards)
- Trial Moderator (On testing for a moderator)

GFX and Webdesign:
- uCause Reviewer (reviews the stuffs and posts)
- uCause Uploader[ (uploads stuffs on file catalog and posts entries)
- uCause Designer ( makes templates, or post tworking templates from the web on uCause 2-3 times a week , needs to be social )
- uCause GFX ( is a uCause GFX member most helping members with Graphics and requests)

Member status:
- User (all registered members)
- Checked (After 50 posts)
- Blocked (Not following the rules)

How to Get :

Admin Status (not availible)
Head Mod Status (is chosen by admin)
Moderator Status (have atleast 50 posts and Checked status)
uCause GFX Status (needs to be good in GFX and take requests)
Checked Status (after 15 posts)

uCause Designer
what do u need to know and do to get into the group:

- U need to know how Downloadable Templates work , and how to post them in the "Templates section" because thats where this group is focussed on from now on
- U need to post templates or scripts atleast 2-3 times a week (working ones)
- U need to have good knowledge about coding for Translating templates to english from time to time
- U need to be a social Person Him or Her it doesn't mather..
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SirDarknight(Tonmoy)Date: Saturday, 2011-09-17, 1:26 PM | Message # 2
Group: Senior Members
Messages: 894
Awards: 10
Reputation: 15
Status: :-(
Updated - New Group Information Added

Please Give Me A Award or + Rep If My Post Helps You

Please Give Me A Award or + Rep If You Like my Scripts
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