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Domain Transfer and Email Creation
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UCOZ technology allows transferring of a domain (of any level) to your site for FREE.

- uCoz requires no payment;
- uCoz gives the possibility of full domain management (creation of subdomains, e-mail accounts etc.);
- e-mail accounts are created by means of GMail service;
- a second level domain can be bought from any domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy.com);
- you'll be able to register your website in directories which prohibit registration of free sites;
- you'll be able to enter a serious banner exchange network (or advertising company) where only paid domains are allowed;
- with such domain users will never loose you, even if you change your hosting (e.g. for other server Sх), the URL will remain the same.
- with such domain search engines will give you a higher place in search results;
- one will hardly guess that you created your website with uCoz.


Can I attach another uCoz domain to the site?

No, you cannot.

If I register a new site at uCoz, can I attach it to the subdomain of my domain domain.net, provided I attached it by means of DNS?

Yes, you can. Through the control panel of the site, to which domain.net is attached, add the necessary subdomain, e.g. forum.domain.net, by specifying for it the IP address of the server, where the new site is registered. Then attach forum.domen.net in the control panel of the new site by the third method.

The specified domain name doesn’t correspond to the uCoz server address. See the rules of domain transfer. What does it mean?

As a rule, it means that you should wait. If nothing has changed in a day, then there is some error in settings.

I have the site www.site.net, transferred by means of IP change. I want to attach the forum.site.net subdomain. How can I do it?

One site can have only one domain attached. You should either detach the first one and attach the second, then you can place other content on www.site.net, or create a new site, where the primary site will be www.site.net, and the secondary one - forum.site.net.

How can I create a subdomain?

If a domain has been transferred to uCoz servers, then there are links for editing domain records in "Domain transfer" section.

What should I configure to make uCoz DNS secondary? I want to place primary DNS at the registrar, and secondary – at uCoz.

We do not offer such service.

I have the domain mysite.com, attached by DNS, and I want to attach it to the subdomain test.mysite.com by IP, is it possible?

In terms of transfer by DNS change there is a limitation, that the main subdomain and "www" subdomain will be strictly directed to that uCoz server, where the account belongs. Thus, if you parked the domain at uCoz, you cannot direct the specified 2 subdomains (empty and www) to another hosting.

A-record was entered at the registrar control panel two weeks ago. After attaching the domain, the following appeared "Incorrect DNS-servers specified for the domain: ". When one tries to enter the site, it says "site not found". Where is the mistake?

It means that your domain is parked at uCoz, which is incorrect if the domain is not hosted at uCoz. Cancel parking.

Can several subdomains use one and the same module?

It is not possible to direct several domains to one account, if this is what you mean.

I want to attach my own domain to the ucoz.com domain but I get the following error.

Specified domain name resolves into incorrect IP address ([]). Read the rules of domain attachment. sad

The system explains the error... get to CP of your domain and configure your domain as described in ucoz CP.

Can i change the ucoz domain, e.g.: mysite.ucoz.co.uk to mysiteEtc.ucoz.co.uk. Is this allowed and how?

No, once you have chosen the domain name you cannot change it, you can only create a new account.

How do i setup my Ucoz web page in my own domain? I did try but failed. I can see this error message:

The domain djcaner.biz has been parked but not yet attached to the account.
Domain has incorrect set of name servers: ns1.hostavrupa.net, ns2.hostavrupa.net
The following list of the name servers must be applied: ns1.ucoz.net, ns2.ucoz.net

The system gives you the answer: You must change the name servers at the control panel of your domain registrar.

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