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CSS Codes of Forum
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• Forum main page CSS

• CSS of the page with forum threads

• How to find and edit CSS class
1) In you browser click View -> Source (How do I view the source code of a web page (in different browsers)?.
2) Find the element you want to change and see what class it has.
3) Copy the name of the class.
4) Open Style Sheets (CSS) in Control Panel -> Customize Design
5) Find this class in CSS.
4) Modify the parameters as you need.

If there is no separate class for the element then add it to the template (via Control Panel) and to the CSS with the necessary parameters.

Users often want to change font size in forum posts. Open any forum thread and copy a part of the text. Open View -> Source and find this part. See what class it has – post text has the class="posttdmessage".

Open CSS of the forum and find "posttdmessage" in the section /* Posts View */.

.posttdmessage {padding:5px;font-size:8pt;}

We can see that only padding and font size are specified. We can change the size and add color, and the class will look as follows:

.posttdmessage {padding:5px;font-size:10pt;color:#CCCCCC;}

Sorry repost tongue . I got this from uCoz Forum. If you have question, post here and I will help you as best could happy .

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