About us

Wooh services are tailored to appeal to customers requiring
an above-average standard of customer care, without costing a lot of money.

Wooh Designs, is a Dutch company who develops websites on an amazing CMS named uCoz. you don't need to worry about learning HTML and CSS or even how to host a website! With the system we use all of these simple things are free.

We create websites for DJ's, Photographers, Company's and more! and you don't even need to worry about your website design, we search the web for new ideas constantly and we will make your website look great !

Most of our services are free because the CMS we use provides a lot of free features! the only thing we ask a fee for is for designing and developing your website into this amazing CMS .

You are able to use a control panel to manage your whole website, change the design, manage your users and your modules! But this is optional. WoohDesigns is always able to manage and change thing on your website if you want things to change.

What are Modules ?

Modules are web applications which can be combined in any way to produce a site of any complexity: from a simple home page with a guestbook to rather large web portal. uCoz will improve and extend their modules on a regular basis. At this moment, they offer the following 22 modules:

  • Forum (Bulletin Board)
  • E-shop
  • Social media publisher
  • Site News
  • Blog (Web Journal)
  • Publisher (Article Catalog)
  • File Catalog
  • Site Catalog
  • Tag Board (Mini Chat)
  • Ad Board
  • Photo Albums
  • Online Games
  • Web Polls
  • Guestbook
  • FAQ Service
  • E-mail Forms
  • Page Editor
  • Statistics (Hit Counter)
  • Site Search
  • User Management
  • Tests
  • Awards

Some Features

uCoz web services provides a lot of features that are free and easy to use! This makes our job to create and develop fully working websites a lot easier, and a lot better for you. Some features are listed below.

  • Unlimited FREE disk space
  • Files can be uploaded through web interface or FTP
  • In addition to the one free domain name received during registration, any other domain can be attached (it can be purchased at domains.ucoz.com).
  • Database of site users with division into groups
  • Assignment of different access levels depending on a user group
  • Full control over the design of web applications by means of HTML templates
  • Built-in visual HTML editor for those who are unfamiliar with this markup language
  • Spam and unwanted visitor protection
  • Social media module, Social login and social comments (facebook,twitter,google+)
  • 22 modules for you to use!

Customer Review

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